Monday, November 29, 2010

Dancing With the Stars: Who Will Win?

Does Jennifer Grey deserve it because of the physical ailments she's overcome and the high scores she's consistently produced, week in and week out?
Does unheralded, charismatic Kyle Massey get the nod thanks to the rare blend of technical merit and fun he and Lacey Schwimmer bring to the table?
Does Bristol Palin deserve it because ... well, presumably people have some reason for stuffing the virtual ballot box for Sarah's daughter each Monday.
Who should win Dancing With the Stars this evening?

Jennifer Grey and Derek HoughKyle Massey and Lacey SchwimmerDWTS Promo Pic
The real (and possibly rigged, depending on who you believe) votes are cast, but THG's poll is open! Weigh in and watch the results along with us later ...


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