Monday, November 29, 2010

Jennifer Grey Wins Dancing With the Stars!

Jennifer Grey turned back the clock and a strong challenge from Bristol Palin to win the Dancing With the Stars crown last night. Congrats to a deserving champ!
Battling through a ruptured disc in her back and other ailments throughout the fall, not to mention stiff competition, it's a victory the 50-year-old will savor.
"This journey was the gift," Jennifer, whose perfect performances Monday clinched it. "Saying yes was the gift. Getting Derek as a partner was a huge gift.”

Jennifer Grey, Derek Hough PicWorthy of the Title
Jennifer Grey is your Dancing With the Stars winner!
The win also marked three-peat for Derek Hough.
"It's heavy, right?" he pretended to ask Jen, lifting the prestigious Mirror Ball trophy just beyond her reach. At that moment, she was probably walking on air?
Earlier, third-place finisher Bristol Palin announced that a win would be like "a big middle finger to all the people out there who hate my mom and hate me."
Because that's what the show is all about - dancing the haters. Follow the jump for a clip of Jennifer's reaction after the announcement of her victory ...


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