Monday, November 29, 2010

Lindsay Lohan: Free For a Day

Lindsay Lohan enjoyed a temporary respite from rehab this weekend. On the docket for the troubled, recovering actress? Coffee and cigarettes.
Guess caffeine and nicotine rank pretty far down the list of Lindsay Lohan vices. Kicking her addictions to cocaine and alcohol are top priorities.
Here's LiLo at a local Starbucks near Palm Springs ...

Free For a Day
Lindsay's looking (mostly) healthy these days. [Photo: Pacific Coast News]
The 24-year-old spent Thanksgiving with her dad. While she and Michael Lohan are on better terms, he hasn't been able to get Linds to quit smoking.
Last month, when the reunited twosome began to mend fences, MiLo sent her an electric cigarette as part of a care package, apparently to no avail.
Oh well. Maybe that'll come after she completes her stint in rehab, which has been going on for two months-plus and seems to be working wonders.


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